that's fucking nice, cunt


I think my bus driver has an obsession with paramore because there’s always a minimum of 3 paramore songs on everyday

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Can a girl cum without the help of a guy?


Yeah wtf y’all ain’t that special

how tall do u think i am

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Bigger and smaller ppl equally have it bad, why don't some of your followers get that?

Bigger people do have it worse I can admit BUT the pain of body shaming to either skinny or fat hurts equally

I think there is a ghost in my house and my cat is playing with it
hello ghost

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trust me no one is saying skinny shaming isnt bad, because it is, but fat people (keep in mind, that being fat isnt bad) have it a lot worse

1. PLENTY of people have said to marisa and i both in the past few days that skinny shaming DOES NOT exist or that it DOES NOT matter because fat people have it worse
2. It doesn’t matter if fat people have it worse!! Skinny people have it bad too!! Love your body how it is!!!!!!!!!!


stop using bipolar as an adjective. i have a disease, not a description.